May I reupload your content on SoundCloud / YouTube?

We love it when people spread our content around the web! On YouTube, you are free to use our music in your videos or reupload it on your music promotion channel. Your YouTube video will be automatically monetized by our distribution partner.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to reupload our releases on SoundCloud—if you use one of our tracks in a mix or want to premiere a track, please contact us via our email or send us a SoundCloud message.

How can I submit a demo?

You have two options: either you use our submission form or you send us an email. Make sure you tell us something about you: we are real people and we listen to every single track (and have a good track record of replying to your submissions). We do not accept repost requests, mashups, mixes or artist promotions. We are looking for exclusive demos for releases—please respect that. Don't waste our time and we won't waste yours!

How can I get on your promo list?

Our promo list contains handpicked DJs only. If a track is not released yet but you already want to play it at your next gig, send us an email or a message via SoundCloud and we might figure something out.

What is alledged?

alledged is a Frankfurt-based record label which was established on SoundCloud in August 2015 and turned into a company in mid-2016. What started as a free download imprint, turned into an offical record label. Now releasing on platforms like Beatport, iTunes or Traxsource. We are primilary interested in Tech House and Techno — exceptions might be considered

Can I work for you?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any jobs at the moment.

Do you plan on hosting events?

We do have plans on hosting public events in near future. We do have plans on hosting public events in near future. Therefore, keep an eye on our social media.